Acceptable Donations

Every charity has its own guidelines for what kinds of clothing and household goods they will accept as donations. Please contact the charities to obtain a complete list of acceptable donations for a specific charity.

Here is a list of items typically accepted by most charities:

Donations commonly accepted

donation-clothes donation-jewelry

• Clothing—all sizes and styles for children, men and women

• Clothing accessories – purses, belts, ties, wallets

• Bedding, curtains, drapes, linens

• Household items—small appliances, blenders, toasters, dishes, glassware, and home décor

• Books—hardbacks, paperbacks

• Electronics: CD players, DVD players, radios, VCRs, iPods, cameras

• Toys, skates, games, bikes

• Jewelry

• Antiques & collectibles

• Records, tapes, CD's & DVD's

• Sports equipment

• Office supplies

• Small Furniture—small chairs, nightstands, end tables, small bookshelves, small rugs

• Automobiles, trucks, RVs, motorcycle, trailers, boats

Donations that may or may not be accepted

• Computer equipment—computers, CPU's, monitors, printers, towers

• Large Furniture

• Stuffed Animals

• Building materials

• Baby items

• Mattresses or box springs

• Exercise equipment—stationary bikes, treadmills, universal sets, weights

• Large appliances—washers, dryers, refrigerators

• TV's—televisions, including big screen or console type

Donations not accepted most charities

bad-donation-firearms bad-donation-magazines bad-donation-newspaper bad-donation-paint bad-donation-tv

• Broken, stained, non-working items

• Firearms and Ammunition (including BB guns, pellet guns and arrows)

• Construction debris

• Paints, fuels or solvents

• Newspapers & magazines

If you have specific questions about an item you want to donate, please use the directory to contact the charity.